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Bleeder, a new Web series created by Wade Ballance and Mark Kochanowicz, is the story of a hemophiliac taken in by a group of female vampires. It was shot on the Red One camera by Jim McKinney and features original music composed by Grammy nominated artist Frank Macchia. Bleeder is Philadelphia's first Web series shot under AFTRA's electronic media agreement.
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Alex Daub is desperate. He's lost his home. He's lost his money. And he's about to lose his life. A disease eats away at him from the inside and he is incapable of stopping it. But a chance encounter will change his future and may give him a second chance to live the life he once knew. With the help of an unlikely group of allies, Alex must struggle to regain everything he's lost, all the while protecting an unbelievable secret.
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Alex    Charlotte    Daisy
Lizzie    Marlene    Detective Gardner