Bleeder Cast & Crew
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Bleeder Cast

Mark Kochanowicz - Alex

Mark Kochanowicz is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) and the American Federation of Television & Radio Artists (AFTRA). He travels along the east coast working in the entertainment industry and has played principal roles in film, television and theater. Mark holds a B.A. from the Pennsylvania State University and continues to hone his craft under the tutelage of several well-respected teachers. He is also an award-winning filmmaker whose films have screened at film festivals across the USA.

For details about upcoming projects, representation, headshots and a current resume, please visit:

Brian Anthony Wilson - Detective Gardner

Brian Anthony Wilson, born & raised in Philadelphia, began his film career with a Major Supporting role in "The Postman", starring & directed by Kevin Costner, followed by a Supporting role (3 scenes) with Ben Stiller in Edward Norton's directorial debut, "Keeping The Faith". Brian is also very proud of a being a cast member of HBO's "The Wire", for all 5 seasons, as Homicide Detective Vernon Holley.

Brea Bee - Charlotte

Brea Bee began her acting career at the age of ten when she made her theatrical debut in the Philadelphia premiere of The Rink. From there, she went on to study with local theatre companies and perform in several regional productions. She continued her training at The Boston Conservatory of Music where she earned a BFA in Musical Theatre. Since then, Brea has performed at Philadelphia Theatre Company, Wilma Theatre, PA Shakespeare Festival, and in the Philly Fringe Festival with Uncut Productions. Her television appearances include As The World Turns, Hack, and numerous commercials. Brea can be seen in several indie films including The Best and The Brightest, and Dare, opening in theatres in Fall of 2009. Bleeder is Brea's first webisode series!

Sarah Croce

A graduate from the University at Albany with a major in theatre, Sarah is best known for her roles in the films Girl Talk and Now They Know About My Madness. Her Levi's jeans commercial is currently playing throughout the nation on MTV's Logo Network and on Logo online. Similarly, her recent Callaway Golf Commercial has just come out on YouTube for public viewing. Sarah has also appeared on the stage in such productions as The Wonderful World of Science and Antigone. Her debut role in the webseries Issues.the Series has recently aired its final episode. You can also catch her guest appearances in the feature film Flicks Chicks and in Morgan Spurlock's newest documentary Freakonomics. Sarah is psyched to be a part of the talented Bleeder cast and is looking forward to filming many more episodes!

Lisa Roman - Lizzie

Originally from Los Angeles, versatile actress Lisa Roman, early on performed in her school chorus and plays. In 2001 she made her television debut when she was approached to do a Phillip Morris Anti-Youth Smoking Campaign which premiered during the half time show at the 2001 Super bowl. Shortly thereafter Lisa booked commercials for Net Treker, Dr. Pepper and worked on CNN's "Exploring the Internet". Her film career began in 2002 with a small role in the movie "The Emperor's Club" starring Kevin Kline.

She is an ambitious woman who also modeled for Macy's "Shop for a Cause" in September 2008. That same year she also was the model in Boston's hottest Latin duo's music video for their single "Come Ride with Me" for A2-Alofoque which aired on MTV and is currently playing on YouTube.

Lisa also enjoys working on independent films and E Series, the most current one "Bleeder." She looks forward to growing as an actress with roles that will challenge her to sharpen her craft. She enjoys traveling, volunteering for charity events, and working with Hope for the Animals.

Katie Foster - Marlene

Katie Foster recently completed independent films "Ghosts Don't Exist," "The Midnight Disease," and "Devil's Racecourse," and is currently working on the two Web series "Orange Juice in Bishop's Garden" and "The Hill," both set in Washington, DC. She has spent the past year working on plays in Los Angeles, DC, and Philadelphia, in addition to modeling in London and stateside, and is thrilled to be playing the exciting role of Marlene in "Bleeder." She holds a B.A. in Theatre Arts and Communication from UPenn, and often causes trouble.

Bleeder Supporting Cast

William Spangler - Detective Abel

William Spangler is a veteran character actor based in Philadelphia, PA. Over the past 18 years, he has appeared in numerous video, commercial, stage and film projects, the most successful of which include a performance in 20th Century Fox's In Her Shoes with Toni Collette; a portrayal of Weller Martin in The Gin Game at the Triangle Theater in Philadelphia judged by critic Toby Zinman to be "as good as anything in the West End of London", and a well-received interpretation of the descent of Dr. Eliot Pryne into oblivion in Nagle Jackson's Lear-based Taking Leave in the Philly Fringe Festival.

Bill is a graduate of Villanova University and lives with his wife Eileen in Devon, PA.

Omar Wilder - Mookie

Omar Wilder grew up in Baltimore, Maryland and attended Towson University for Business administration. Later he moved to Virginia where he attended a play and fell in love with the art. He eagerly took a theatre class and that's when he decided to relocate to Pennsylvania to expand his access to the independent film community and also allow himself to attend acting classes in New York and Philadelphia.

It was his modeling shots for Lowe's, Nike, Toys R Us, Hyundai, New Jersey Tourism, Circuit City, and Marriott Hotel which got him noticed by the agents on the east coast. He is a talented actor who loves creating interesting and unique characters. Recently Omar has had roles in films such as "The Tested", "Sprawl", and "The Button," as well as several commercials. Omar Wilder is a member of SAG and AFTRA. Always ambitious, he recently moved to Hollywood in the hopes of honing his craft and making even a bigger name for himself.

Jason Bentley Jones - Officer Auxeter

Jason Bentley Jones has been practicing the Stanislavsky System for many years but cannot seem to master the first requirement: 'Being born into a wealthy family that has a lock on the textile market'. Instead, Jason would be best described as a "Meat and Potatoes" Actor. An actor that realizes that his job is to help make a story come to life and appear real. "Just surrender to and become someone else - without ever doing it. Think as, move as and respond as the character. Basically, it's like any other job. You stand where you are told to stand and say what you are told to say, much like Wall Street Brokers, Sales persons and Corporate Lawyers ...only, when you're an Actor, nobody gets hurt (Lawyer, at podium: "There is no such thing as a Cancer Cluster").

Jason attended Temple University and studied acting under the direction of such dynamic teachers as Edward Norton 3rd, Michael Sandals and David Wilson LeQuan. He frequently studies archival footage.

Jason has worked on various independent films and industrial projects and looks forward to a long relationship with LIBERTY BELL FILMS.

Jeremy Peter Axworthy - John

Jeremy Peter Axworthy was born in Newquay, Cornwall, England, in 1952 to Alan and Joyce Axworthy. Much of his life was spent travelling with his parents who served in Her Majesty's Diplomatic Service. At the age of 14 he joined the Weybridge School of Drama near London. He auditioned for the Oscar winning "Oliver" by Lionel Bart and appeared in a number of national commercials. Unfortunately Jeremy's time at The Weybridge School of Drama was cut short due to a new Diplomatic posting for his father. Jeremy studied at Exeter College in England and followed a career in Theme Park management. In 1998 Jeremy moved to the United States with his wife and three of his five children. Sadly his wife of 24 years died suddenly just 7 months after arriving in Pennsylvania. Jeremy returned to England to concentrate on bringing up his children, aged 9 through 23, he returned to the USA in 2001.

In 2008 Jeremy decided after being laid off from his position with a leading publisher to return to acting and writing. He has been very busy during the last 9 months getting experience through numerous projects. Jeremy has recently completed a comedy script for TV called "Flying High" which he hopes to put in production later this year. Jeremy has recently helped set up the Pennsylvania Actors Association which will help established and new actors develop their art. Jeremy serves as a volunteer with COMPEER a non-profit organization that helps adults and children overcome the devastating effects of mental illness.

Andrea Havens - Nurse

Andrea Havens has appeared in over 50 major feature films and has been enthusistically Samurai'd out of nearly 50 of them. She inspires zealous editing unmatched by any other film actress in history.

Recently Andrea has had roles in the feature films "Bereavement" and "The Final Patient," and a role in DUTV's "University 101" as well as several film pilots and industrials.

Andrea is also executive producer of "The Storyteller" and author of a docudrama on the amazing life of humanitarian Doctor Constantine Hering, primary founder of Philadelphia's Hahnemann Medical College and Hospital, and of Women's Medical College of Philadelphia.

And just for fun, Andrea is the inventor of an aerial workout tower. You may see her perform 20 feet high leaps and spins in it on YouTube at

Bleeder Crew

Wade Ballance - Director/Producer/Writer/Editor
Mark Kochanowicz - Producer/Writer
Jim McKinney - Director of Photography
Frank Macchia - Original Music
Tom MaCoy - AC/Steadicam
Colin Malone - Steadicam/Gaffer
Joshua J. Clarke - Gaffer
Andrew Harmon - Grip
Ray Moleski - Production Sound Mixer
Gloria O'Neill - Hair/Makeup
Brandon Ripley - Production Assistant
Benjamin S.L. Wong - Sound Design
John P. Gelety - Opening Titles
Rand Gamble - Colorist
Dan Hirsh - Editing Consultant
Dawn M. Smith - Still Photographer